Changing a light switch: hardware and security measures

Changing an electrical switch is a task for everyone yourselfers with a good knowledge of the electrical system. Instead, follow this simple method for such implementation.

A power failure can result from the failure of a lamp power, a socket , switch or a bad connection of a wire on a domino. If you notice after verification that the fault is in your switch, it is necessary to repair it, or better, to change to ensure the safety of your electrical installation . To do this, you need a switch nine to two terminals of a standard screwdriver, a screwdriver tester or a multimeter, a wooden plate to support the switch, wood screws and a wire stripper.

Before starting work, it should cut the electric current from the main breaker. Not to make mistakes, take the trouble to make sure that the current no longer flows into your electrical system. To do this, you use a screwdriver tester or a multimeter. This precaution may seem ridiculous in the eyes of novices, however, absolute respect of security measures is the need by yourself . Neglect can result in serious injury especially when handling a power system.

Changing a light switch: performing work
Start by removing the switch fails. Remove the screws. Then unscrew the small terminal screws that hold the electric son. Loosen the screws on the switch now the support plate. Also remove the backing plate because it is better to change with the switch. Release the main thread containing the neutral wire and Phase. If the ends of the son is damaged, shorten the son and strip them with the wire stripper to bring up the metal conductors. Take your nine to two switch terminals.

Using your screwdriver, attach the wire respectively neutral and phase of each terminal. Make sure the wire does not extend to jail the other terminal. When complete, attach your new wooden support plate on the wall. Attach the switch plate on the wooden support using wood screws. Turn on the electric current. Check current arrival with your screwdriver or test your multimeter. Then close the lid of your new switch and enjoy your new installation.

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