Change a wall outlet -Security measures to be taken

Your electrical outlet is loose or broken? It is high time for a change! Take a screwdriver, wire stripper, a current tester and let it guide you!

Changing a wall outlet is a very easy task that is accessible to everyone, provided of course respect the minimum rules of safety. To eliminate the risk of electrocution, you must turn off the power via the main breaker.

Next, make sure that the current no longer flows, using a current tester, as the meter for example. You do not have on hand? You can always plug in an electric lamp. If the lamp fails to light is that there is more current. You can finally remove the old plug.

The dismantling of the former decision
The plug, look for the screw fixation, using your screwdriver, start disassembly. Some models are accompanied by decorative bands, you have to remove, using a screwdriver as a lever. Insert the tip of it under the edge of the strip and fold gently round to the wall.

Loosen the screws that hold the socket and pull gently to remove it from the wall, taking care to son. Remember, connecting the son, it will be useful for installing the new plug. Free completely taken by detaching the son eclectic. You can now go to the assembly.

The installation of the new decision
In some cases, the tips of the son are not twisted enough, so you have the strip using forceps reserved for this purpose. Insert the stripped parts in the areas of attachment, taking care to reproduce the anterior branch.

With the screwdriver, fasten them securely to establish the connection. Put the new plug into the wall, repositioning the son first, not to risk damaging them. Fit the socket on the wall, remembering to put the decorative band. Restore power by operating the circuit breaker and test if the outlet is working well.

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