Water filters: for drinking water quality

We would like to drink pure water and palatable without being forced to buy mineral water. Compact and efficient water filters offer a good quality water.

The filtration solutions
To improve the taste of tap water and purify it, there are several filter solutions. Here are the most common and functional. The Filter Jug has a capacity of 2 liters to 5 liters and equipped with a filter. To maintain it, change the filter every month. Clean the inside of the decanter with clear water. There is also the filter cartridge. He landed on the water supply. It consists of a filter holder that attaches near the water inlet and one or more filter cartridges. Installation is a simple setting. Maintenance is easy: you just have to change the cartridge when it is saturated.

The most effective system is the RO. It kills 99% bacteria, viruses and harmful elements. But the water at the same time loses all its minerals. By cons, it keeps the content of water in limestone. The osmosis between the particulate material of the water we want to consume. It is subjected to a very high water pressure and then passes through a porous membrane. The purified water can be further processed before consumption to be remineralized. The assembly is done under your sink from a kit. Maintenance is to change the membrane every 2 years and filters every year.

Installation of water filters
Each of these little filtration solutions adapt to an installation type. The filter tap consists mostly of a cartridge filter with activated carbon that is renewed every 3 to 6 months for 750 liters of water. It eliminates the chlorine taste. It also retains the lead, dirt, and pesticides. Filtered water can be stored in a refrigerator but should be consumed within 24 hours. The filter should be lit on tap at every use. The portable filter, in turn, arises directly from the tap. The process is practical, all water that flows through this valve when the system is installed is filtered.

The filtration system under sink seduced by its many benefits. It works continuously and does not make noise. The water is filtered and purified almost instantly. This type of system provides an unlimited amount of purified water because it is directly connected to water pipe. It is very discreet and compact. The facility is connected to the water supply and uses the normal water line. For some models, you have to install a faucet with a long neck on the sink. It also requires a separate drain line. The interview is to change the cartridge when it is saturated.

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