Washing windows without spending a lot is possible

Cleaning the windows of the house is a classic spot. However, the use of specific products requires significant expenditure. Fortunately, homemade recipes are always effective when it comes to product maintenance.

Washing windows: the standard accessories for a perfect result
You will not need to purchase a special product for power window cleaning. Everything you need is probably available. Whatever the type of windows, you can choose from several options. First, there is the washing up liquid diluted in warm water. There is also the mixture of water and methylated spirits, and this same quantity. If you have ammonia, you can mix it with water at a rate of half a cup of ammonia per liter of water. 

Otherwise, pour a little vinegar in boiling water and serve you in for cleaning.

A more modern method to clean windows
Whiting has always had a good reputation for its cleaning ability. However, it tends to leave small traces of dust on the windows. Fortunately, these can be easily removed with a lint-free cloth. Another recipe: you can rub your glasses with a milk-white Spain. This milk is produced by a mixture of water and whiting. Otherwise, you can replace water with alcohol burned. If you notice any traces of grease on your window, why not buff the party tainted with a juicy slice of onion before you start the actual cleaning.

The fastest way to guarantee transparency
Note that the printing ink cleaner is an agent of choice. To this end, the newspaper moistened with alcohol is very effective. Do not try to use glossy advertising purpose. This kind of paper is slippery and will only leave traces on wiping your windows. Failing to have a newspaper, use a blotting paper. It is particularly effective in absorbing fat. Be careful to only scrap materials that compose it. They can leave permanent traces.

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