Tips for an illusion of space

Arrange the Procedure require a little know-how to obtain a well ventilated, especially if it is a small area. If you're looking for ideas to achieve that end, here are some simple tips but radical to recreate a beautiful living space with an illusion of space to enlarge the room.

The space by the clarity and brightness
It is entirely possible to fake an extra space not only from the tones and colors you choose. Whether for walls, floors or ceilings, light colors are advocating. Indeed, these latter provides extra clarity, the clarity which is in turn causing the illusion of space. Specifically, look for white and almost all its shades or tones that revolve around the beige. The coating is also an essential point to consider. In this case, materials with a smooth surface as one of the best solutions allows reflections of lights. That said, do not make a decoration monotonous as a total look white for example.

Especially for the floor, shiny materials are preferred. Instead, think shiny floors well as carpets that give mostly an air somewhat tarnished your home. The floors on the contrary, can achieve the same lighting effects as coatings. The room gets so much light, which guarantees the optimization of your space. And if not, your furniture and decorative accessories, same thing, nothing beats the bright colors and satin preference. The tone chrome is also another option to consider.

Choice of furniture: the shapes and volumes to focus
For the development of a small area, the choice of furniture becomes strangely source of the problem. It is difficult to gauge the capacity of your space and thus the volume of furniture that suits him. The best solution to your problem would be to adopt the multi-function furniture convertible. These occupy a minimum surface and greatly expands your space. Otherwise, for another option, you can also adopt furniture design with a sleek and always designed in a bright, clear, transparent or chrome.

For shapes, lines and curves are regular ideal. This technique will avoid overloading your space because of the lightness of form. And always in the same principle of reflection, the mirrors are smart accessories to adopt absolutely. Not only do they produce light reflections but "doubles" the visual surface. This type of accessory expands your space considerably, from a visual point of view of course. With these tips, your 25-meter square will appear much larger. Try it, you'll be surprised at the result.

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