Tips for green products and cheap

Pollution is everywhere inside the house is not spared! To improve the quality of air we breathe under our roof, there are tricks against harmful products. Whether for cleaning, painting or for maintaining wood, nature has what it takes! Your body will thank you.

Paint and wax natural homemade!
WWF delivers an amazing recipe for making paint at home. To do this, mix in 1 / 3 of cream cheese at 0%, 2 / 3 of lime. Then add this mixture to the natural pigment of the color of your choice and dilute with water. Thus, all fantasies are permitted in colors of red pigment ultramarine blue pigment in Marrakech. Prices vary from 4.35 € to over 27 €, even the smallest budgets can put themselves in the green paint!

To feed your woodwork, do not ruin by buying a product full of chemicals harmful to health. Use of pure beeswax, the turpentine and essential oil of lavender. Melt 75 grams of wax in a double boiler and add 150ml of turpentine and 10 drops of essential oil.

Clean without polluting
Three products are held at the top of the charts Eco cleaning products. Cheap and effective, you will quickly adopt them. The third step of the podium, baking soda. You can use it to scrub sinks and sinks, but also to deodorize the garbage or to clean your refrigerator. Also, baking soda whitens and softens clothes.

In second place, the white vinegar. He is awesome cons traces of tartar. Use it to scrub your kettle, your valves and your washing machine. Cloths and tiles can also be treated with this product. The point of impact is that it only costs 50 euro cents a liter! Finally, at the top of the table, black soap. It cleans everything: dishes, laundry, floors ... and without polluting because it is entirely green. For something different, you can choose perfume or perfume yourself with essential oils.

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