Tile, with the charm and fantasy

The current offer floor tiles sets full of fantasies with a wide range of colors and compositions. They are no longer restricted to kitchens and bathrooms but have their place in the living rooms.

Materials and colors
Now the tiles are decorative, offering bright colors, compositions and imitations of all kinds. The extensive range of trendy colors, warm space and large tracts of anime. It can also be used by small buttons on friezes, cabochon, with a square of color amidst a more neutral tiles, or to enhance a plain tile. A tile imitating terracotta is rekindled by a set of tiles decorated frieze and to avoid monotony. The plank can be used to form a mat defining space.

The orange color of the clay has the advantage of agreeing with the cool tones of blue and green. Identical color but different shade, form sets changing, vibrant and very aesthetic. Yellow, lightening, has the power to compensate for a lack of natural light. As for the red, he manages to dress himself in a room and ennoble. To create a soil very design, can be associated with a matt finish tiles of different bright colors, eg yellow, orange, green, lilac, blue and black, etc..

Decors & Trends
The graphics on the ground is all the rage. The tiles are inspired by ancient soils to launch new ideas checkerboards, rosettes, rugs and mosaics. He just staggered laying of a mixture of tiles of different sizes or special cuts to give the tile the easier a new dimension. At the center of a tile glazed porcelain stoneware to the orange tint and ragged edges imitating terracotta, create a mosaic with tiles in the same tones but smaller sizes.

The glazed stoneware imitates other materials: polished marble, stone antique look, with rough edges, falsely aged and weathered by time producing fake cement tiles, slates, false, false and even flooring. These imitations enrich the palettes of decor available. Create a mat classic checkerboard black and white component tiles porcelain imitating marble. With a rustic stone tiles imitating one can conceive of an effect of paving the old component in a pattern with different sizes of tiles.

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