Stickers to customize your home

The stickers are particularly effective and tend to personalize the decor of the house. Also, there is no need for a particular talent or wholesale work, just paste them to revive your interior.

Change the decor by blending colors and stickers

Finished wallpaper, paint and adhesives Wall took over. The stickers are introduced to you to customize your interior. Not only do they decorate the walls, but also all the household items: dishes, bathroom, closets, etc.. And besides all this, they are easily replaced, so you can change your decor to suit your mood and your desires. But before pasting the stickers, the choice of wall color is important. Know that the white walls are suitable for garish style, recalling the dynamism of the 70s. For a romantic atmosphere, pastel walls are perfect. They will wear stickers with floral, with a tinge of white. For stickers and ethnic style, walls finished tadelak will fit. And finally, contrast black and white goes with white or red stickers Japanese types.

What stickers for what purpose?

The stickers come in different categories, depending on where you wish to ask. The stickers are perfect mirrors to give an impression of widening and brightness to a room. In general, this type of adhesive gets on the walls and closet doors. Then there are the stickers slate fashionable to decorate a child's room and help them develop their artistic expression. Floral stickers offer an exotic and natural in its interior. There are also those for glass. They make them visible and significantly mitigate the risk of accidents. The messages are also stickers to customize a perfect inner putting your ideals into value. Finally, the stickers for the dish will give style to your service, especially for theme parties with friends.

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