Some tips for aging a mirror

The mirror is the main ally of women, but it is also an essential element in decorating. The mirror adorns the spacious rooms and enlarges small spaces. If you're a fan of vintage style, here are some tips for aging a mirror.

To change the silvering of the mirror, you can use hydrochloric acid. Before undertaking this operation, we must protect themselves from the acid. Equip yourself with goggles, gloves, protective clothes and masks. Once these precautions, you can start the operation.

Remove the protective coating on the back of the mirror with rubbing alcohol to burn. Then prepare a solution of hydrochloric acid at 50% water. To prepare this solution, the volume of water and acid must be equal. But watch carefully pour the acid into water and not the other way, otherwise you may cause a toxic reaction.

With this mixture, sprinkle the back of the mirror using a brush with quackgrass. The mirror will look stitched. To stop the effects of the acid soap and rinse the back of the mirror. Some people prefer to expose the back of the mirror to the acid vapor leaving the bottle open, instead of projecting on the mirror. Once the silvering is changed, you can skip to the next step.

To age the mirror, it is not enough to give it a dive, but also provide an adequate framework. The vintage look is achieved by choosing a wooden or tile. You can leave the mirror in a humid place for a few months. This method is economical, but be patient and allow moisture to change the appearance of the mirror. This technique is most suitable for mirrors with wooden frame.

However, you can put a frame tiles to give the mirror a more rustic style. In addition, you can also paint the frame with acrylic paint. Then varnish it. Then put the gold leaf. Coat the part of white spirit to give it shine. Finally, apply the glaze to reduce the color too dry and dull acrylic paint.

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