The resin floor, a modern design and effect

Once reserved for industrial enterprises, the resin is currently available to individuals. An opportunity that the coatings did not let go. Now, your floor can also be provided in one aspect, modern design, unified and colored. An original pattern and having a lot of advantages.

The resin, practice and any color!
Soils resin thus have many advantages. Even if it is essential that professionals who provide installation, the resin floor talks and cleans easily and resists wear. There are several types of resin on the market, the most commonly used for floors in residential, are the polyurethane resin and epoxy resin. Broken in several types, the resin flooring can be matt, satin or gloss.

If he is a brilliant gloss suggests elegance, matte make your home more sober. This resin coating also offers a wide range of colors that can change at will, and make your home a unique space. You can even combine colors and create shapes. Besides, if you doubt you can seek advice from a specialist in interior design in based on your personal tastes and ideas.

The resin as the source of originality
This material has the particularity to give a completely smooth surface, whatever the size of area to cover. Not only the resin can affect the space in your room, but in addition, it will act on the existing light. Sign of modernity, almost futuristic, your interior will be divided automatically into contemporary, even avant-garde.

By using a coating of resin floor, originality will differ naturally in your room. Combined with other materials, the resin can evoke a classic example with a parquet floor, or evoke a style more eccentric side by exploiting its translucent, for example, putting glitter. This is how the coating of resin floors to its success, tapping into the imagination of the instigators of the trend.

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