Repair the flush toilet, how?

The flush water leaking wastes a lot of water. To repair the toilet flush, here are some tips to follow.

Fix flush toilets: identify the cause of the leak
In the household budget, spending on water can now reach substantial proportions. A study shows that an outbreak of 4 people consume around 700 € water per year! It is therefore essential not to waste it. Among the unnecessary consumption figure a leaking flush. In this case, no need to use the services of a plumber, because addressing the hunt itself is not anything fancy. Equip yourself with a wrench, a large cloth and sponge. A mechanism nine, a new float and a few joints are optional. But before you rush to your toolbox, the first thing is to first identify the root causes of the leak.

To do this, remove the tank lid. Using a wrench, unscrew the knob mechanism responsible for the evacuation of water to release the lid. Be careful not to break especially if it is a model enamel. The leak may be due to several reasons: a damaged valve float valve, float hole, a faulty valve, or just a worn gasket. It is preferable for the less skilled, to cut off the supply tap water to avoid unpleasant surprises. For this, close the little cock generally placed on one side of the tank. Often, the way water flows can already identify the origin of the leak. For this, unscrew the button activating the mechanism of water drainage. For newer models, there is nothing to unscrew. Just pull the cover up.

Fix flush toilets: Adjust the float valve or replace the
If the float is positioned incorrectly, usually too low, simply adjust the right height to stop the water. But it may also be drilled in this case, the float does not rise or at least very difficult. In this case, there is only one solution: unscrew it and replace it with a new one. To do this, first loosen the nut outside the tank and keeps the hose to the flush. Similarly, it is necessary to unscrew the one found inside, fixing the valve and the float. To verify the final result, pull enough float arm upward, the water should not continue to flow.

If cons, the water spreads through the bell, the problem stems from the mechanism. In this case, the leak from a valve worn. The flap? It is the joint responsibility of the sealing mechanism to dispose of water between the tank and bowl. To change it, remove the valve by unscrewing it with a wrench, the nut of the inlet pipe to clear the float valve. Replace it with a new valve last before screwing again. Before you completely tighten the nut fixing, make sure the gasket is properly placed to ensure effective sealing. Once finished, replace the lid of your tank without forgetting to put the button on the rod to be flush as new.

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