Recovering a seat spring

Your seat has diminished over time? Its springs are overflowing and tearing the upholstery? Do not worry, it is still recoverable. Follow the guide.

Recovering a seat spring: Place the springs
The adjustment of the straps is the first step in repairing a chair spring. The straps are adjusted so as to obtain direct springs. With a curved needle, place the first instance on the strap and end with a noose. Repeat 2 or 3 different places for the ultimate double knot for strength. Then proceed to the curbs of. At this stage, the springs are secured in position using a rope to hoist. Pass the rope around the two nails of an upholsterer of the rear rail with a simple knot, and push all in with a hammer. Press one of the springs in the back until he is 5 cm in height. Tie a double bearing on the penultimate turn of the spring. Repeat for all other jurisdictions. In the end, put a strong cloth stretched over the springs by compressing them slightly. Nail every 4 cm before sewing each spring.

Proceed with padding
The seat of the spring must be covered ball of hair. Make a series of hoops strings about 6 inches from the edge of the canvas, and all around. Put in 2 or 3 regularly spaced rows. Slide the hair under the hoop, and put them back. Work the hair length to the hand. It is necessary that the shape of hair is in order, without hollows or bump. A homogeneous dome should be formed. Cover with a cloth. Make no funds to keep the hair in place, starting with an angle of the seat. Each seam must end in a noose. Start with the board to complete the center. Then do the points lining in the mass of hair on the seat side support. Place a last layer of hair with a series of switchbacks. Cover with a blank canvas and nail to the cross. Put several layers of fleece to separate the hair and make the seat comfortable. Finally, put a furnishing fabric, secured with nails or upholsterer stripes.

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