Pretty rugs to decorate your home

Floral, geometric or white wool or cotton, thick or short hair, carpet comeback to heat our home! So be in cahoots with them...

How to choose carpets and prefer floral
At first, it is essential that you choose your carpet. It should be proper coordination of your rug to decorate your home. Do take into account the brightness of the room and the walls, it is important to enhance the colors and the linings of the room where you want the carpet. However, sober in a room, know that you can dare all. Also note that the size of the mat is very important. So, make sure the carpet does not exceed more than 25 to 30% of the surface of the workpiece.

Whether classical or design, flowers and foliage are needed to beautify your floors. The classical Persian carpets, deep tones evoking the flowering fields, and Chinese styles, with soft colors and lotus flowers more sober, have of course always have their followers. However, floral facelift now held the upper hand issue trends. Graphic, well-rounded, stylish ... do not choose your bouquet lightly! Note still further that the carpet is loaded, the more you have to play the card of sobriety for curtains and other furniture in the room. Thus, flowers tone on tone better fit for all styles.

Geometric shapes or prefer the pure white
Still in the major trend of the moment, the carpet can also animate straight lines, circles, curves, or tiles. Ideal for those who have adopted a contemporary style to their interiors, such as carpets with geometric fit nicely with their modern and stylish side. However, if you love antiques or rustic, prefer a dark-colored carpets, the designs made of curves or waves, milder than straight lines, and especially without multiplication of colors, two at most. Avoid this case, the floral and geometric motifs, except perhaps for scratches if they are all in the same tone.

And why not opt for carpeting, all white? Pure, tinted, cream or ivory, remember that a white rug enlarges a room and lights really. In addition, strangely, all white carpet brings a sophisticated touch. But its great advantage, as all carpets plain and clear, is to agree with almost all interiors. However, what could be messier than a white carpet? Tune in and attention to its location. In rug in a room for example, it is perfect. In a salon as a white carpet because of the effect but requires a lot of attention. By cons, in a hallway or under the table in the dining room, you will regret it very quickly.

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