Prepare a table with a glass top

Simple and quick to perform, a table with clean lines and a tray made of glass will make the effect more cheaply. Follow the guide!

The preparation and assembly
The frame of the table is formed of four arches, each including two legs and a crossbar. Use wood strips of maple, beech or oak, 5 inches wide and 2 inches thick. Measure 4 lengths of 72 centimeters. Then 4 more than 67 inches for feet. For sleepers, 2 lengths of 85 centimeters and 170 centimeters 2 others. Use a miter saw to cut a 45° end of each foot. Do the same for both ends of each tie. Treat cuts specially in order to achieve a snug assembly arches.

Upon final assembly, avoid confusion by marking with a pencil each piece of wood. Give the sleepers of 170 centimeters by 72 centimeters feet. As to the ties of 85 centimeters, they go with the feet of 67 centimeters. Assemble the cross with both feet consistent. With a 3 mm drill bit, drill each end of the crossbar. Thus, the screws are fixed in the middle of the feet. Glue the pieces with wood glue, and assemble each piece with screws 5 mm. Check the square-ness of the feet with the ties and let dry completely.

Assembling and finishing the glass table
Place the two assemblies with large cross on the ground. Point the feet up. Set up two others who must rely on adults. Glue the feet laterally in contact. Keep it all with clamps. The legs should be perfectly aligned and centered. To strengthen, tighten the tips of four feet of hardware assembly T-shaped make sure the screw heads fit together well in the milling and fittings do not protrude. You can then paste rubber tips on legs do not scratch your floor.

After an hour or two, when the glue is dry, remove the clamps and set the table to the place. Lightly sand with fine sandpaper all the wood surface, highlighting the level assemblies. Dust with a damp sponge only. To give a good foundation to the plate glass paste every 20 inches of cork washers or thick felt. Then move on a layer of special oil timber that will enhance the natural look of wood while protecting it. Finally, place the glass plate that you've made the cut with polished edges in a glazier.

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