Personalize your pots with eggshells

We often tend to limit the use of flower pots to its principal use: growing flowers. However, there is an element that can operate in different ways in decoration. Here are two simple ideas and fun to customize your clay pots with eggshells.

The white and tan, a pair of striking colors
You can stylize your terra cotta pot by creating mosaics from the shells of eggs of different colors, preferably white and ocher. Take eggs. Break them to get rid of their content. Retrieve the shell. Boil water. Then pour the bleach. Immerse the shell in the mixture to make them shine. Afterwards, remove it and break it in a bowl. Trace the pattern onto the pot.

Using tweezers, draw the small pieces of shells. Arrange them so that the desired shape is reproduced. Do not put too much empty space between songs. Then, using a flat brush, apply a coat of wood varnish gloss over the area of the mosaic. Let dry before putting the second layer. Repeat until the fifth layer. Wait 48 hours to dry.

A duck tricolor
Take the eggs of different colors: chicken egg shells in white-shelled chicken eggs and quail eggs tan to mottled shell. Empty shell of its contents. Dip chicken eggshells into a mixture of boiling water and bleach. Be careful not to put the egg shells of quail in this mixture, under penalty of removing its natural color. Break the various shells. Gather the pieces in separate containers to avoid mixing the colors.

With a white pencil, draw a duck on the pot. Draw the contours of the nose, eye, wings and tails to make it easier to arrange the different pieces. To form the beak, use shells tan. To achieve the eyes and wings, choose the shells of quail. For the rest, use the white shells. The pieces should always be adhered with glue. After bonding, the pot should always be coated in several layers of varnish. The pot and custom does not necessarily serve to plant the flowers, but also substitute decorative vases.

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