OAT Created: comfort and elegance of contemporary rugs

Treat yourself to a carpet design, the height of current trends with OAT Creation. Specializes in creating contemporary rugs, elegantly dressed OAT creating your soil.

Contemporary Carpet Design OAT

Highlight the style of your interior with carpets to suit your lifestyle. Thanks to Mat OAT creating your interior exudes comfort and luxury. Alain Nataf directs OAT Design for over fifteen years. Specializing in oriental rugs, this devotee put on a wide range of materials and design to satisfy customers. He then works with the best designers in the field. The originality and variety of patterns of each product also testify to the success of this collaboration.

Creating OAT also attracted to the quality of its carpets. While the design is done in France, manufacturing is outsourced to Eastern craftsmen: India, Vietnam and Nepal. They were chosen for their expertise and their years of experience in the field. But rest assured that the clientele, OAT Creating works in partnership with STEP. This label guarantees respect for human rights and the environment in the garment factories of carpet.

Explore the collection pad OAT Creation
Creating OAT offers carpet tufted from a production done entirely by hand. Recall that the tufting a carpet is to implement the wool strand. Made with a special needle, this technique is painstaking and tedious, but the result is simply beautiful. The tufted carpet collection of OATs and Creation is very impressive. This type of carpet is divided into three collections: Contemporary, timeless and travel. Combines contemporary urban models to design structures and with modern motifs. Includes timeless classic and timeless with universal colors and patterns. The Travel Collection, as its name indicates this carpet incentive to escape.

The carpets of OAT Creation are also genuine marvels. Produced by traditional techniques, these models are characterized by winding son mobile (wool or silk) on a fixed base. Soft to the touch and beautiful to the eye, carpets knotted OAT Creating integrated into all types of interior. Grouped into three themes, they are available in many colors and with various motives. Whether you like or floral motifs cube, you will certainly find the rug that best suits your interior design.

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