A new life for my wooden chairs

At the bottom of your attic, an old wooden chair gets dusty? It's been so long since you have not used that you had forgotten about? What a pity! In a jiffy, you can give it a second life. The decor Recycling 'is both simple and economical. We roll up our sleeves and go!

The material
For the chair itself, you will need paint stripper, wood spatula, sandpaper, a special sub-layer acrylic timber, acrylic satin paint and, of course, a brush. This equipment will allow you to retype the entire wooden structure. For the seat, grab a stapler, a fleece measuring 10 cm more than the seat of the chair, a fabric of your choice measuring 15 cm more than the seat of the chair, of scissors and a tape measure.

Before the refurbishment, detach the seat. The first step is to put the white chair helping you paint stripper and a spatula. Once that's done, sand with sandpaper. It is the most difficult, but it will make you a little exercise. When all is well sanded, go sublayer special acrylic timber. Let dry for 12 hours and then do the first coat of paint. After 2 hours of drying, skip the second coat, and your chair is like new!

The seat
Ask the old seat - you'll defeat the first chair - the fleece. Trace the outline, leaving a margin of 10 cm. Cut the batting along that track. Repeat with the tissue, but leaving a margin of 15 cm this time. Then apply the cloth on your work plan, the wrong side facing you. Lay the batting on the fabric, then the old seat, upside down. Fold all around the frame and staple. In the corners, stretch and staple strongly diagonally to avoid wrinkling. Your new seat is ready, you just have to put it on the chair.

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