Mixture of styles: the combination of colors, materials and furniture contrasting

Combine the styles of decoration in a room or entire house can be a real headache. Yet the result is original and custom, but also very trendy. However, before launching into the mix of styles, be aware that you must follow some basic rules.

Home Interior: Learn to mix styles
For a successful blend of styles, you must marry your furniture subtly. There are styles of furniture that will never go together or too contrasting colors that might disturb the eye. It must first follow a certain logic. You can then blend the colors by combining hot with cold. For the mix of materials, wood and metal form a lovely couple.
If you were to give a mixture of furniture, choose furniture that have roughly the same size. By having a cabinet is too large or too high compared to others, you may make less elegant interior. Furthermore, care must be taken in the proportion of the room and your furniture. If you have a small room, do not read too much. To give you some ideas of association, you can mix styles and vintage design, or the baroque style with ethnic accessories.

Mixture of styles harmonize with a base unit

In a mixture of styles, you can certainly combine several different inspiration furniture. However, you need all your furniture follow a guideline that unites them. The mistake to avoid is mixing random furniture and accessories. The key is to join up together furniture from different periods in banishing the choice of bad taste is too different epochs, or the effect knick-knacks.
For a successful mix of style, you can customize with accessories for a different kind of furniture. Contemporary decoration brighten the placement of furniture. This will give a facelift to the house. Printing rustic furniture will be mitigated by accessories or bright colors.

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