Maintenance of parquet

Maintain a floor is relatively simple, but the technique differs according to the type of flooring. Indeed, it does not have a floor oiled, waxed or varnished in the same way.

The maintenance of a parquet floor
For a parquet floor retains its brilliance, it is recommended to regularly dust and wipe with a special soap to floor. Remember that water is not suitable for cleaning a parquet floor, because it may damage the wood and change its color. It is also imperative to make a wood floor sanding to remove all traces embedded. Obviously, it is preferable to use only oil to polish the floor. Perform the same operation twice a year to keep your parquet floor in good condition.

Maintaining a waxed floor
For a polished floor regains its radiance, it must be dust before applying the wax on its surface. At the time of the parquet floor, it is also advisable to clean a waxed floor with water, at the risk of damage. Once the layer of wax applied, be sure to clean the wax residue and dust before coating a second layer of wax on the surface of the floor. To effectively address the future stains, the ideal is to make a sanding the stained area before applying a generous layer of wax to remove traces of sanding.

The maintenance of a painted or varnished parquet
The first step in cleaning a floor-dusting is vitrified. To do this, use a broom or vacuum the entire surface of the floor. You can then use a cloth dampened with water to clean excess dust remaining. The next step is to apply a cleaning product specifically designed for maintenance of glazed surfaces with a brush to revive the color of your floor and protect it from possible attacks. A painted floor requires maintenance just as careful to avoid that the coating deteriorates with time. Emphasize the use of a product renovator to keep all the cool wood floor. It'll just follow these few tips to make your floor breathes new youth and beauty.

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