Maintenance of marble

The choice of marble as a material for home decoration gives a fairly traditional style and refined. However, maintenance of marble requires special attention for it preserves its beauty and radiance.

How to clean the marble without the user?
Marble is a material whose maintenance is particularly difficult. Cleaning with water is often insufficient for him to remain in good condition. Special treatment performed 2 to 3 times a week will help you to keep your marble. Cleaning marble is easy, but we need to use suitable equipment for increased efficiency. The first step is to rub the marble surface with water and using sandpaper provided with fine grains. Make a circular motion until the residue of dirt come off. Rinse the marble with water and a sponge. The second step is to apply a special powder to polish the surface to be cleaned. Then rub with cotton before going on to rinse. Once this is complete, apply the wax neutral marble so that it shines again.

How to remove stains on marble?
As a porous rock, marble is a tendency to trap dust and set stains. Obviously, it is best to wipe the marble from the dirt clinging to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. But if you do not react in time, rub the marble with a cotton wick soaked in a mixture of lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide and bleach. Perform gentle cleaning for not attacking the marble, because this mixture is rather strong. Do not forget to protect your hands with gloves before the operation. Admittedly, it is never safe from an unfortunate accident. If you have accidentally broken the marble, you can always undo the damage by applying epoxy glue that you mix with the powder to polish, and voila.

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