Maintenance of furniture and peach skin velvet

Maintenance of furniture is especially tricky when dealing with unusual fabrics like peach skin or velvet. To keep the original quality of the peach skin velvet or longer on your furniture, here are some tips.

Maintenance of furniture in peach
Armchair, sofa, sofa or other furniture cleaning peach skin requires a certain degree of prudence and discretion. To begin, remove the dust on the furniture with a dry cloth or small brush. Then check if there are areas that should wash specially stained. If this happens, you need carbonated water. Pour the solution onto a soft cloth and rub gently on the affected party. The gas penetrates into the tissue depth at the fibers and allows stains to dissolve the most entrenched.

It is so delicate, peach skin requires regular maintenance to keep its original quality. At least once a year, clean your furniture in this area with baking soda. Sprinkle the surface being careful to reach every corner, then let sit for half an hour. Then remove the powder dispersed using a vacuum cleaner and let dry. The color of your skin is revived and fishing odors eliminated.

Maintenance of velvet furniture
Regarding the velvet cleaning is done just as easily. Just bring a few products, including soap flakes and water. The soap is preferably selected soft and slightly warm water. Start by mixing the two until a homogeneous solution and rub the surface of your furniture with velvet. Rinse with water and vinegar in small doses and let dry in open air. A steam bath can also be the program for a more satisfying result.

To keep the beauty of your furniture in velvet, it is also necessary to maintain it regularly. Everyday, scrub your furniture with a damp chamois. The transaction will eliminate all dirt. You can also use ammonia to revive the colors of your furniture. Pour a little on a soft cloth as you pass over the surface of velvet. Let dry and wipe with a chamois. You'll find that your furniture will be velvet like new.

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