Lighting design: elegant cascades of Todd Ruge

You want a real meteor shower in your home? Choose light fixtures by designer Todd Ruge

The waterfall fixture Devid Todd Ruge
The designer Todd Ruge has anything to create aesthetically pleasing products, products that fill the inside of each of dazzling elegance. Passionate about design, Todd Ruge is currently head of the creative team of Boyd's house. In terms of lighting design, Todd Ruge has extensive experience having previously worked in the largest publishers of design luminaries including Ron Rezek Lightning or Artemis. Sagacious and straddling the fine proportions and the simplicity of things, Todd Ruge gives us perpetually lighting design and quality.

Creations by Todd Ruge have several pendant lamps , particularly lamps as cascading style Devid. This model, with a rain of pearls and crystals will be perfect in your living room. You can also fit easily over your dining table. Devid is an object glittering, spreading its light across the room. The fixture is also advisable for Devid party rooms and reception areas (hotel, office, etc.) because it offers a nice homely atmosphere. For a stylish, contemporary chandeliers cons trade in your fixture cascade Todd Ruge.

OrianaDevid and Cascade Wall Bracket II
For lighting cascading smaller, you can opt for simple lamp suspended OrianaDevid, either for the wall lamp Cascade Wall Bracket II. Both models come always in the range cascade Todd Ruge. Moreover, as reeling, two models also feature balls and crystal beads that form the basis of all fixtures cascade Todd Ruge. Indeed, the cascades are composed of a succession of crystal beads, each connected to others and accessorized by balls larger still crystal. Manufacturing bases are the same but each fixture has its own aesthetic.

In terms of aesthetics, lighting DevidOriana offers a very sleek look. Simplicity is also one of the signatures of the designer Todd Ruge. DevidOriana is a simple combination of "stem" of support crystal polished nickel. OrianaDevid lamp is very elegant in appearance slender 114 mm width 305 mm in length cons. In terms of lighting design, Todd Ruge was also strong with the wall cascade, Cascade Wall Bracket II. Without support, each stem is the only waterfall is made of crystal beads miniatures, each rod is finished with a crystal ball. This fixture is a true jewel for the wall and gracefully illuminate any room in your home.

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