Interior design: the lights seen by Catellani & Smith

In Catellani & Smith, the design is reflected in each design. Modern forms coexist with a perfectly balanced lighting to achieve an object of authentic decoration.

Catellani & Smith, even more originality
The brand Catellani & Smith offers extraordinary luminaries since 1989. The quality of the fixtures of this company is remarkable, both in terms of aesthetics or technology. Each creation is indeed shaped by hand by craftsmen. They are therefore unique and valuable to keep as a treasure. Balancing art and design, lighting of Catellani & Smith is also robust to want to last longer. Games of light and shadow are diversified by the inspiration of artists. Here is an overview of the latest collection of designer lamps by Catellani & Smith.

Sensations, emotions and creations are the hallmarks of the 7 new collections of lamps made by Catellani & Smith. Miss Stick advocating minimalist design through its LED lamp and head lamp unusual. The flexible body is practical and has several features. The lamp is oriented in the direction you want. Whether for the office, bedroom or living room, Miss Stick meets all your expectations. Its small size offers a touch of modern feel to any room and more aesthetic appearance of the charm all lovers of design.

Catellani & Smith, lighting truly exceptional!
The luminaire Uau offers a touch of magic to the decor. The collection presents clean lines, subtle and original for a better setting. As minimalist, but elegant and simple, Uau perfects the lighting in your home. Another creation just as amazing collection Herem does not have a shade to reveal the most uniquely shaped lamps imitating a cobra. Made with ultra strong and flexible materials as desired to swivel 360 degrees, this collection aims must for a home well lit. Light stick placed on the minimalist design to attract attention. With nickel-plated metal frame, it exudes a perfect light in the room. Thin and lightweight, it fits any interior.

Collection WaWaWa and includes luminaries truly timeless and timeless. Combining delicacy and poetry, each creative poster design technology. Bulbs very discreet the day, offer a wonderful evening show. A halo of light is projected on the wall for a true feeling of happiness. Finally, Atman is an elegant table lamp featuring an extraordinary form. It gives a warm light and soft imitating the gentle rays of sunlight entering a room. Shadows of natural objects are really feeling. You can find these collections on the official website of Catellani & Smith, then redecorate your home an exceptional design with this new collection!

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