Interior decoration: gray for a refined and serene

If the gray has long been considered a dull tone, a reflection of the negative, it is at the heart of the decoration for an interior that is peaceful and modern times.

Interior design: a refinement by the gray
By a message of sorrow and sadness in Western countries, the gray has long been rejected by the world of decorating. In the East, yet it is a wise color, a symbol of serenity, which reflects a peace to be accessed. Already in the Middle Ages, the gray was the hope and openness. Color of the smoke of incense, he said the prayers of mortals to the Hindu belief. Today, the gray is mostly sober. Its effect fog and coldness are now valuable assets in the interior, providing a timeless atmosphere and quiet. His appearance poses a glossy impression of elegance and sophistication unrivaled. Neutral gray also highlights the bright colors, while awakening the colder tones.

Interior decoration: marry gray with other colors
The neutrality of gray is one of its greatest strengths. This feature makes it acquire a standard look,it can be married with the most colors. Gray has its preferences, however, as the message to get across. For a cozy atmosphere, where warmth and friendliness are the key words, soft colors like cream are preferred, but you can also opt for darker shades such as wenge. The marriage of gray with pastel or pink adds a touch of romanticism, a mood strangely quiet. A mixture of gray and midnight blue sign to the side of the elegant interior. The brighter colors are also finding their place alongside the gray. Purple for the spiritual and the red except for a rekindle. Modernism enthusiasts prefer to associate with the olive green and brown.

Interior design: the gray in what areas?
Standard color, gray can be applied very well in all parts of the house. The bedroom and lounge areas, however, remain the most suitable for interior decoration in gray, since the message of serenity and calm brought by color. Along with more vivid colors, gray provides a signature contemporary lounge. For the bedroom, natural tones are perfect to create a calmer atmosphere. Office and kitchen can also be decorated in gray. They just had to marry it with the right colors to bring out the refined interior design.
Note the shadows should never be combined, the risk of darkening the room.

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