Illuminate your garden: Tips and ideas

Illuminating your home garden is to make room for imagination. However, you must follow some rules to create a pleasant atmosphere and a home garden beautifully illuminated at nightfall.

Direct or indirect light to illuminate home garden

Two types of lights can be used to illuminate home garden viz: direct light and indirect light. The first type of light is all the posts, terminals, lighting and other garden wall. No matter where they are placed, they illuminate the area directly and significantly around them. They may well be placed on the front door or side of the main path.
The second type of light, indirect light, it is used to give a larger effect on the lighted area. This is especially the halogen headlamps that are embedded in the ground or installed in trees that are classified under this category. Indirect lighting was mostly a decorative purpose while providing a warm garden.


Illuminating home garden is a matter of dosage

·         To illuminate home garden, all in the way of integrating home garden with lamps.
·         They should never be too showy in the day.
·         For this, the built-in lights can perfectly do the trick, or it must hide in a more or less leafy.
·         A second trick is to play with shadow and light.
·         The garden should not be a dazzling light and in full. It is about having some locations in the dark.
·         In this case, just three or four lamps in the middle of the countryside.
Moreover, it is important to illuminate all that relates to management and not driveways, to facilitate this movement. It is also preferable to use a soft light to make home garden a good place to live there, even at night. Finally, when the blossoms, it is quite feasible to use Bulbs in color to better bring out the beauty of flowers in the evening.

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