How to install your sink?

You rearrange your kitchen or whether you are installing for the first time, it is essential to successfully complete the installation of your sink. Follow the guide!

Diligence and the sink hole
In the kitchen, the sink is constantly sought, hence the need for a successful and solid mounting. Beforehand, check some points. This includes locating the supply lines of water to allow the connection after installation, then ensure that the drainage slope of about 1 centimeter per meter is possible.

Define the meaning of the installation of a reversible sink before the break. To drill a sandstone sink, put the sink and hold it still. Locate the patch of pre-drilling. Mark it in the center and put duct tape to prevent splinters. Carefully drill at the brand level. Repeat each hole using a larger bit. Finally, polish the edges of the hole from top to bottom. Drill a stainless steel sink requires a punch diameter greater than the tap.

Valves and installation of the sink
To facilitate mounting the sink, we first produced the valve, which is similar to a mixer and a mixer. Are screwed to the faucet supply hoses, then install the O-ring between the faucet and the sink top. After adjusting the tap on the sink, place the rubber seal and the nut tightened notched. The cap attaches to the drainage hole of the sink. A seal or a net made of putty around the hole sanitary drainage ensures waterproof. We screwed the mounting slots on the body of the plug and the nut on the trap out of the airlock. The seal is placed between the trap and out of the airlock.

We can then fix the sink in sink cabinet. Unlike stainless steel sinks, ceramic sinks do not require large attachments because they are immobilized by their own weight. Finally, simply connect the hoses from the tap on the hot water line to the left and the cold water line to the right. Sinks and cooktops are concealed in the work plan and other equipment are inserted into the free periods of below. The integration of this equipment requires the use of fasteners and custom facades.

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