How to handle yourself in his wool carpet?

It is not always necessary for professionals to give a coat of paint to your old wool carpet. You can very well take care of it. All you need is to follow the advice to follow.

Sew wool carpeting
A wool carpet, over time, can have different kinds of wear. It is with these that you wear will define appropriate solutions. For the case of a tear in the carpet in stitches, here is how you will address them. Start by gathering the following tools: pliers, needle and a thread of flax (purposely chosen for its strength). Once you have them, it is time to attack your wool carpet. Note that for comfort at work, you must detach the carpet from its liner or backing.

Start by folding the carpet in the direction of sewing. Then, switch the needle in the old stitches to avoid having to drill again. This, in effect, would be both more time and will damage even the carpet. Squeeze the two edges of the carpet. Make sure the velvet goes inside so that it does not take in sewing. This would harm the aesthetics of the carpet. Finally, a few points, followed by a double knot, would suffice for the stitching does not come undone.

Overcoming a burn on his wool carpet
Often, but not surprisingly, we can drop the glowing cigarette ash on the carpet. While the damage is minor, except it would hurt a lot to the appearance of the carpet. Also, to clear the nasty little detail, follow these steps. Start by cutting a ball of wool, the color goes well with that of your carpet. Prick thereafter, the strands of wool into the glue carefully and restore the texture of the carpet. Finally brush with velvet fabric glue present on the bottom of the burned part to strengthen the whole.

Often, the damage of burns can be so important that it be removed altogether a piece of carpet. Here's how does it then do it. Take a rectangular or square coupon of new carpeting for use as patching. This will of course be similar to the carpet and should be larger than the damaged part. Now, put new carpet over the damaged area and cut it with a trencher, following the contours of the pieces. Remove the damaged part in tearing the nails used for fixing to floor. Ask them then the new piece and nail it through two thicknesses.

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