How to decorate a hall?

Here are some tips to transform the corridor into a convivial and not only a prerequisite for access to parts of the house.

Enhance the corridor by the play of light
The corridor is probably the least enlightened place in the house, as it usually does not enjoy the daylight. To enhance your lane, it is important to enlighten creating points of light such as light fixtures or spots. If you do not have the ability to install them, use wall sconces that are preferable to lampposts. At the same time, it is advisable to play with colors. To do this, choose light colors at the expense of dark colors that give more depth to the lobby. In addition, the colors used to correct the proportions of the corridor, this, by painting the white ceiling and floor and using a darker color for the wall.

Decorating the hall for ease of use
Even if the corridor is not a living room, feel free to decorate to make a friendly touch. For the soil, for example, you can unroll a carpet along the corridor. For the walls, put stickers unexpected, of trompe l'oeil murals or even if you have the means. In fact, besides the paint, the stickers give more personality and warmth to a room, even if it is just a thoroughfare. If you have any pictures, graphics, postcards, framed pictures, hang them on walls with a small spot next to illuminate your hallway look like an art gallery or museum. Besides the tables, you can hang other objects of art. However, this remains a delicate task to do because it's better to avoid cluttering the hallway.

Enjoy the corridor to maximize space in the house
If you know you take, you can combine business with pleasure by making the corridor a storage space while decorating it. To do this, you will find furniture suited to the corridor, provided that it has a little space to accommodate them. In fact, if your lane is too narrow, the storage option is ruled out. Returning to the cabinets to put in the hallway, we can cite, among others, shoe cabinets, bookcases, cabinets or hangers. However, be sure to select cabinets closed because the disorder does not mix with the development of the corridor because of the narrowness of the room.

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