How to create a rock garden in home compound

With inspiration from the surrounding hills and mountains, continue to develop your rock garden or alpine garden. Although its implementation requires a methodical and tedious, the result will be enchanting and will leave your neighbors certainly not indifferent.

Location of the garden and setting up the rockery

The siting of your rock garden is of paramount importance. Indeed, in imitation of mountains and hills, it should be developed on a slope. If your land is flat, create reliefs, make sure there are undulations using the classic method of "cut and fill." However, if already in slope, aerate the soil and fertilize the soil by mixing with gravel or sand in small quantities. Know that the area of ​​the selected space should not exceed 60 sqm.
Now go to the establishment of the rockery. Your garden must integrate with the existing landscape, so the choice of stones is not done lightly. Also, when you will have, first place the stones on the lower parts of the rock gradually ascending slope. Do not calculate their distribution, instead, install them at random so that the whole gives a natural effect. Finally, be sure to space them.

Plants and adequate maintenance of your rock garden

Two weeks after the development of the rubble, you can move on to the planting of various shrubs or flowers carefully chosen. The selection is varied and the prices can be quite high, and this, according to the plants you purchase. You'll be able to choose between several types of conifers, shrubs, perennials or even crawling like, breads dwarfs, violets, pinks, bluebells, spruce. Remember to add herbs as well as spring bulbs.
The plants height will be placed on the upper parts, and the rest lower. Once the rubble and planting done, we must maintain the whole. Water plants regularly, put fertilizer and prune your shrubs if necessary. To protect your garden plants from winter cold, spread the breadcrumbs. Finally, avoid chemicals during weeding and use a knife or your hands.

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