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If the lighting is most often thought of at the last minute, range of lighting contributes to the comfort and decor of a room as a good distribution of spaces. Space and light have their importance and whatever the part.

Space and light in a bedroom
The bedroom is the most personal room of a house. In terms of lighting, lighting should be consistent and match the intimate aspect of the room. In this context, very little light is best for the entire room. In the family of lamps, incandescent lamps perfectly diffuse soft light and intimate. The chandeliers are particularly popular, which are both decorative. As for shade shimmering fabrics contrast with the softness of light.

Direct and control the space illuminated by the light is useful when you do not want to disturb her husband to read in bed. To do this, the choice will be oriented applications installed on both sides of the bed. On the bedside table or inlaid in the wall, the last broadcast of a particular light lit up so that the area of reading. Note that the LED lights also give the same result.

Space and a desk light
Contrary to the bedroom, the office must be informed in an optimal way. During the day, enjoy the sunlight by drawing curtains or blinds open. If natural light should not be hampered, however, to avoid being directly sunlight. Near a window and not too close, the board is not to exceed 6 meters. For those who work with a computer screen it should ideally be perpendicular to the window to avoid glare.

Space and natural light will coordinate well in the comfort and ergonomics of an office. Regarding lighting, installing a ceiling halogen lighting will rebuild the same day. If the high power lighting in an office is recommended to avoid too exhausted eyes, the light should not however be dazzling and timely. However, in the case of precision work, accent lighting may be needed, then brings a desk lamp. Otherwise, knowing that the lights from the ceiling enough to illuminate the whole room, the desk lamp will be there more to personalize and give warmth to the workspace.

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