Handy tips to clean a painted wall

Like any other part of the house, the walls require special attention. They get dirty easily, yet inadequate cleaning may cause damage. Here are some techniques that might be helpful to have a wall clean.

Choosing a technique for cleaning the wall based paint
Generally, a wall must be painted a dusting every two weeks and intensive cleaning every year. If your wall is painted with oil paint, use a water solution of ammonia and light to restore its luster. For a wall-painted with casein, you can proceed to washing with soap and water. This type of paint is waterproof. By cons, if you want to clean a vinyl paint or oil-based paint, detergent diluted with cold water is the best solution. Finally, in case of a wall whose paint is water or glue, dry cleaning is required. You can use a pencil eraser to it.

Cleaning the fresh stains on the wall
If you notice spots on your wall, do not wait several weeks before removing them. A simple cleaning is sufficient to remove the trace and revive the wall. Upon detection of any spot, take a large potato, cut in two. Rub the tainted with it. You will see the effect in minutes. Rinse as and when you finish a game. You can also use warm water mixed with laundry detergent. Do not use pure water from the tap to clean a wall. You'll find no effect unless you have a wall made of silicone. The latter does not retain dirt and grease.

A special cleaning for a very old painting
If you live in a fairly old house and paint has never been renewed, a special recipe is to be adopted to prevent paint coming off the wall. To this end, mix two gallons of water, a quart of whole milk, a tablespoon of soap powder and three tablespoons of turpentine. Clean your wall with this mixture using a sponge and make a final rinse with clear water. Do not forget to cut off power prior to washing the walls to avoid accidents.

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