Green wall: the walls are going green

This is not to paint your walls green, but to dress plants. The green has become a real trend and everyone is there: museums, malls, hotels. You too can ride the trend and install a green wall at home.

Welfare and Deco
Plant walls have multiple interests. From the ecological point of view, they participate in cleaning up the air in your home. From an economic standpoint, they are an excellent thermal insulator. In summer the plant walls refresh parts. In winter, they act as a coat and prevent heat loss. The initial investment is certainly quite high, between 350 and 1500 € per m², but what a relief when you receive your bills thereafter. Indeed, green walls can make energy savings. In addition, do your bit for the planet. Why hesitate?

Install a green wall
Install and cultivate a green wall is much easier than it seems. A green wall does not need soil to grow and adaptable to all materials. Wall, stone, concrete, brick, plaster, nothing stops a green wall. To date, two techniques exist. The first is to install a felt cover on the wall polyamide concerned. This coating has pockets filled with water and fertilizer. The irrigation system is either automatic or powered by jets. The second technique is to hang small baskets filled with aquatic antibacterial foam. Only requirement: it is necessary that the wall is exposed to sunlight.

Green wall: what plants to choose?
Anything goes, you can also grow strawberries and herbs. Imagine the joy of walking into a room smelling natural vanilla. You just find the balance between the different varieties of plants and plant them in the right place on the wall. For example, plants that have the greatest need for water must be placed at the bottom of the wall. Once planted, the wall grows by itself, just water it regularly. Make sure you can come to a landscape 2 times a year to process all plants adequately.

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