Green plants to clean up your environment

Present in almost all houses, green plants create a unique decorative effect. Today, it also recognizes their virtue biofilm. Zoom in on the most active plant.

Green plants and pollution
The air spreads in our homes is saturated with pollution. It contains volatile substances and particularly irritating that can attack the eyes, throat, nose and respiratory system as a whole. The main culprits are the cleaning products, upholstery, paints, and even the floor. Green ornamental plants initially contribute to the purification of contaminated air. Like humans, these plants live. Thus, they want the different particles left in the air to expel them from their roots. These particles are then destroyed by micro-organisms in the soil.

The plants most useful
The "Flower Moon" or Spathiphyllum plant is the most active apartment. It can reach a height of about 2 meters and its white flowers bloom all year. Easygoing, it requires only soil always fresh and filtered light. The flower moon absorbs mainly toxic solvents: benzene content in cigarette smoke, the substrates present in paints and adhesives for carpets. The "Weeping fig" or Ficus Benjamin, meanwhile, calls for regular watering and lots of light. It is popular for its leaves drooping, especially when transformed into a shrub of 2 meters. The weeping fig consumes particularly formaldehyde, harmful product found in detergents, paints with water and some upholstery.

The more specific green plants
The Philodendron, a vine with glossy leaves, a plant is remarkable because it absorbs very specific particles, such as pentachlorophenol or PCP. This substance is used in the treatment and preservation of wood (structural or soil). This plant loves the green light, but does not support direct exposure to sunlight. For it to preserve its effectiveness, repot it in a larger container in the spring. The palm is also a powerful anti detergent. He crashes into a large hopper. It helps to absorb the ammonia in cleaning products like window cleaners.

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