Give new life to your chest

To return your old dresser, raise it with a new feature that will give it another dimension and increase its storage capacity. It may well find its place in the bedroom or the bathroom. Follow the steps to give details of your soft charm.

Preparation and major works
Before you begin, thoroughly clean the commode to remove traces of paint or varnish. To do this, use a chemical stripper that you spread on the stand. Leave it, then scrape with a spatula before rinsing with water. Then let it dry. To achieve the top item, choose preferably laminated solid pine. Prepare shelves by cutting the size of the chest. For amounts, the width is the same as for the bureau, only the height varies depending on your needs.

Assemble the uprights and shelves by doweling. If necessary, use a guide assembly to center pivots. To maintain and stiffen the whole, make a plywood bottom that you embed in the rebate. To keep the spirit of the furniture, cover the edge of the box with the decorative molding made of plaster. Then, adjust the top of the cabinet on top of the dresser and then perform the openings.

Flaps and finish of the dresser
To close the top shelves, make two identical flaps to drawer fronts, first by raising measures. Then cut in a solid pine two flaps. If the drawer fronts are decorated with chopsticks, add the same on the flaps. You will set the sticks with wood glue, taking care to adjust the angles. The flaps are then mounted on the housing with hinges round blades and the lift will be provided by slides off.

To obtain an effect of digging, carefully brush your furniture with a wire brush in the direction of the wood fiber. With cotton wicks to Use enough wax to fill the white lead white wood grain. With a spatula, remove the excess and let dry. Before finalizing, go to the beeswax paste. Finally, paint the furniture to the tone that suits you.

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