Garden Deco: Planters of designs for your plants

Nothing like beautiful plants in planters to decorate your garden designs. Make your garden a hot spot with planters designs.

The choice of planters

The pot is your best decoration at any time. Beautify your flower pots with accessories that never go out of style. Choose from the wide range offered on the market. Choose planters in various sizes and colors depending on color and shape of your plants. Dress up your flowers with ceramic planters, plastic mat or bright, wicker or even concrete and terra cotta. Recycled accessories are becoming more popular with decorators today. The pot has the function to hide the pot plants in gardens, which over time becomes unsightly and discolored. The pot is chosen according to pot size and character of plants. Whatever material you buy, choose a pot larger than the pot itself. This saves you also buy a new material when you decide to repot your plants. The planters are also ideal for plants placed on a balcony or window.

Designs of planters for your garden

Bring a graphic effect to your plants by switching to hide pots of different diameters, but in the same design and same color. The cache- pot lights are ideal for plants placed along a driveway. Embedded LED lamps, these accessories beautifully illuminate the garden and the whole house. They are extremely resistant to climatic and do not fear water. Surprise your guests by providing a unique and unusual to your garden. However, if you move your plants regularly, focus on mid-sized pots, because the pot, they become heavier and more difficult to raise. The planters are environmentally friendly to use without moderation. For the sake of nature and environmental protection, also opt for green planters with multiple uses.

Everything you need to know about planters recyclable

The choice of planters recyclable is wide, cardboard biodegradable available in several colors is also customizable. The children enroll and small letters, drawings, short, accessory cardboard is an art object in itself. The round pot made from recycled tires is new for outdoor decoration. These items are sewn by hand and also serve as flower pot. Just drill a few holes at the bottom to allow water to drain. In this case, matching saucers and provided for this purpose are also supplied with the planters. The patterns are different depending on the used tire. The Planters-style cart also flooded the market for plants now. Wicker lined with a plastic cover on the inside, this accessory is robust and natural beauty. Ideal for decorating gardens and exotic scenery. The planters recyclable last as long as ordinary accessories.

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