Focus on Pouring Light of Yeongwoo Kim

Yeongwoo Kim really deserves a standing ovation for one of his creations: Pouring Light fixture, and it would be a merit that it would not fly. Indeed, the unique design of the lamp is unprecedented with a cup that spills by pouring the container. Details here..

Pouring Light by surprising Kim Yeongwoo
Currently, in terms of architectures, Korean reveal some very ambitious construction projects. In addition to the scale of those, it is primarily the shape and design of buildings that surprise. But we must believe that the original creations are second nature to these Korean designers. And this is as true for large projects than small ones, like the creation of decorative design Yeongwoo Kim. From a situation of more mundane Yeongwoo Kim arrives to design a fixture of the most original design: a flow that pours a cup upside down.

In addition to this innate knowledge to design, Korean Yeongwoo Kim manages to create wonders with his knowledge gained over years of study design. Indeed, to reach this stage, Yeongwoo Kim has conducted studies in industrial design at a university in South Korea, studies he then went to Milan, a world capital of design. Subsequently, the artist has received several awards, reflecting its expertise in design and creation. Nothing to what the year 2010, Yeongwoo Kim received awards at the iF Design Concept Award and for the Korea Eyewear Design Competition.

Pouring Light by Kim Yeongwoo: details
Pouring the Light, you really had to find it. And to think that the concept is based on a situation that we live every day. But now, you would be happy to see the light cast from this cup, as opposed to drinks that leave stains on the table. Yet Pouring Light ends in a beautiful large puddle on your table. But that's all that makes it original. Indeed, this fixture is as blind as a cup upside down and support the liquid that pours. The support base for its part is formed by the spill. Once you turn on your lamp, you'll see this waterfall subtly illuminated by the bulb that is on the bottom of the cup.

YeongwooBut Kim has not only found the ideal design for an original lamp. It also has an eye for detail to sublimate its inception. Thus, for the final touch to the lamp Pouring Light, Kim Yeongwoo installed a switch for the lamp string, the latter being none other than the infusion bag, string and its label. Moreover, the simplicity of all that this lamp can fit into any type of decoration, and he immediately inject an air modern and contemporary. You'll also be impressed by the finish while all white and pink key light.

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