Featured stairs innovative and functional

Here is a selection of innovative steps, stairs astute fit perfectly into the decor.
It is true that most people sometimes forget to use them. And yet, the stairs can discover features much larger than their original function.

By cons, an interior designer will benefit from and find all sorts of tricks! These are often areas that can save you many square meters of housing arrangements.

The proof with this selection:

The staggered steps of the staircase can save space underneath to store books.

The wooden staircase made ​​by Splyce design incorporates a chimney while hiding the TV and hi fi.

Beautiful wooden staircase, by Carrie Meinberg Burke's , with double drawers built into the steps.

Staircase with a custom shelf built under the stairs.

This staircase is the Haddon Hall Storage-Staircase .
A drawer system is built underneath to store shoes, umbrellas and other objects.

Ideal for small spaces, this staircase contemporary home in the kitchen facade.
No place is lost!

Stairs to a mezzanine incorporating a shelf and a wardrobe.

You have a wide staircase? Why not build shelves resting on each step along the wall?

Go! All your stairs! Enjoy.

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