Enjoy the beautiful days with the windows

They are extremely stylish, elegant, easy to install. The windows come in all shapes and all materials.

Glazed: what kind of operation?

Opening your bay window is based on the characteristics of your home, its structure, your space, but also your desires. You should know that there are three major openings: sliding, fixed and sliding brick partition. The bay window has the advantage of fixed let in lots of light in the room and is recommended for homes with small area, because it saves space. The sliding glass door, meanwhile, has good insulation. It is popular with individuals, through its easy opening and his aesthetic. It comes in many models such as sliding lift, tilt-sliding, sliding frame with translation to name a few. Finally, the sliding glass door with brick partition can fit into the wall and aesthetically unobtrusive, ideal for all types of finish.

Glazed what material to choose?

In first place comes the glass in aluminum is very resistant to weather, the vagaries of climate, but also aesthetics and design. It comes in many colors, powder coating offers many possibilities. It is a good thermal insulation and sound. Since aluminum is a fine material, the glass has an important dimension. It does not require much maintenance and is 95% recyclable. The Glazed PVC is convenient and offers ease of use only. Very likely, it also keeps looking new for very long, and can be customized at will. Finally, the glass timber is the classic and timeless. Solid, stylish, durable wood allows a wide choice of decoration: Several wood species are suitable for windows. It is protected from insects and fungi and is a good insulator, a thermal point of view and sound.

Glazed what windows to choose?

Once the choice of opening and material fact, think the glass. Indeed, there are many types of glazing. The first quality of a glazing is its brightness. Thus, we must choose one that will admit as much light in the room, but will also shock resistant to the vagaries of climate and one that offers the highest insulation capacity. Window to sun protection, single, double, triple, heat capacity, anti broken windows, there's plenty of choice. The single pane is no longer relevant because of its poor performance: poor protector against heat, poor insulation and 80% of sunlight passes through this type of glazing. Today, we must opt ​​for double glazing. Resistant to condensation, superb in terms of heat and sound insulation, you will make significant savings on your bill heating. Although slightly more expensive triple glazing offers every possible comfort.

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