Depolluting green plants to make the air cleaner

Believe it or not, the air pollution inside the home can be as dangerous and out. The culprits? Cleaning products or simple building materials. Green plants are depolluting a solution to the problem.

The indoor air pollution
This will not cost much, and plus it's totally natural! Some green plants can indeed be an interesting alternative for clean air in a room. The glue used for furniture, paintings and other cleaning products have harmful effects on our health really. Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene and benzene are the chemicals contained by the objects and substances that are part of our daily lives, and many of them can become carcinogenic after prolonged exposure. Each day we inhale a certain amount without necessarily realizing it. Therefore, in addition to ventilate his house twice a day, it is better to get some green plants clean up. To breathe clean air, a green plant is effective for about 10 sqm.

Which plants to choose green?
On each plant use. You can set up three plants to clean up the atmosphere in the house, namely the Gerbera, the dracaena marginata and ivy. They facilitate the removal of benzene content in paints, adhesives, plastics, detergents or cigarette smoke. Nevertheless, it is prudent to consider those who may be allergic to some plants. To absorb trichlorethylene, a substance found in fresh paint, it is quite possible to make a sansevieria or chrysanthemum in a room that has just suffered the inconvenience of a new painting. Finally, remember to put aloe vera or Ficus benjamina to eradicate all traces of formaldehyde. Be sure to put the plant near the carpet adhesives, insulating foam and cosmetics. Other types of plants are also useful against other elements harmful to health. For example, having an azalea inside the house eliminated the ammonia content in the floor cleaning products.

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