A decorative rattan for kitchen accessories

Objects that are used usually in the kitchen can be stylized and brightened by the addition of simple accessories to their base for more colors, refinement and originality. Rattan, for its lightness and flexibility, is the essential material for basketry.

A green rattan for jam jars
The jam jar, typically glass, can be decorated with a shell made of rattan. Choose thin strips of rattan splint or colored, depending on the color of the lid of the jar. Made of the amounts on the edge of your pot by now with the elastic. Then, make braids two strands, crossing two son on an amount in the same direction. Arrange the cross by two studs. Repeat the same operation by ensuring that they are spaced and the two successive crosses do not overlap. Finally, put the same level all amounts and varnish your sleeve with wood varnish.
Metal and rattan

A box of circular metal can also be embellished by a sheath of rattan. The ribs better blend with the metal, with their natural color. With rattan blades, made of the amounts that you cut to the same length. Put them on the edge of the box holding them with elastic. Braids made with one continuous thread weaving past have made a mess from top to bottom. This forms a first band of braids. Book a 1 cm for a second and third band. Finally, cut the amounts above.

Some tips
Rattan can decorate many objects, sugar bowls, jugs, bottles. It may even become a candle for your theme nights. The principle is to put the amounts on the perimeter of the object, then according to different weaves the desired effect: super braid with two strands or braiding continuous strand lost. If the effect does not satisfy you, you can still remove your weave and repeat. In case your splint fray, it flaming, and brush it. Otherwise, you can always design your varnish for easy dusting and washing with soap and water.

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