Decorate your home in a casual styles

The sensation of feeling at home in a room that has been entered for the first time. That is the main feature casual styles. Here we give you the secrets that you can apply at home.

Details start simple, textiles accessories, soft horizontal lines, upholstered simple and certain arrangements which break the perfect symmetry. In addition, elements rectangular or softly curved help create a comfortable atmosphere.

These rooms often include original or any device that goes beyond the common, such as a bird cage made ​​into lamp, a table made ​​from an old baby crib, or a park bench with some cushions to make it more comfortable.

The styles can range from American, French, the country to ethnic or whatever comes to mind as does not clash too much with the rest of the house.

Many houses are completely in a casual style, but it is also possible to create this atmosphere in one of the rooms and still have a harmonious home.

Comfort is the first objective to be pursued, this can be achieved with soft and comfortable upholstered with soft horizontal lines that will break the light, neutral colors such as beige, brown, cream and gray, or green blue.

The furniture should be large but few, and those best suited to this style are recycled and refurbished furniture. Arrange in diagonal, it is necessary to follow the straight lines of the room, nor should be perfectly located.

If you plan to use fabrics for decoration, they are cotton, wool, linen, soft tissues for a soft and warm.
If you want some heavy decorative elements that give a sense of security, stability, look for ceramic vases, wooden wine or salamanders (old iron stoves, coal-fired).

The curtains on the windows should be made ​​simple and smooth fabric and blinds must have a mechanism to control the level of light and privacy.

You can change a common handle, a pipe, a flower carved stones that have been found on a trip or anything that matches the rest of the room.

The floor can be wood or parquet, stone or concrete, and the latter two cases it is advisable to use carpet in the most used to give a feeling of warmth and comfort.

You can use chandeliers or candelabras as light sources. In antique shops often sell made ​​heavy iron. This type of metal provides a sense of security and balance the room.

You can cover the lights with cloth, or extend over the light source and play with colors and textures. This is something really cheap that will bring a touch of distinction to your room.

The accessories that you can use are books, old vinyl, vases, baskets, boxes, wood carvings, flowers. Plants and chandeliers give it more texture, color and warmth to the room. Can combine with one or two pictures, but do not overload the walls.

You can spend the fourth with a theme, this also helps to create a casual environment. You can be the sea, the golf, sports, hobbies, ancient civilizations, culture periods, paints and a large library.

Remember that the main thing in a casual temperature is a style not being pretentious, where everyone feels comfortable and feel welcome to stay.
And since we are talking about achieving your dreams home, have you thought about such one?

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