Decorate the interior walls of the house

The interior walls of the house need a helping Deco! It's not just furniture that can brighten and decorate a wall, there are all sorts of decorative accessories both fancy and trendy style to give an inside wall.

Brighten up an interior wall is not just always great painting or installing a wallpaper. This is more of a breeze, as things to fall collage or installation of simple objects easy to find and inexpensive. A first idea would be putting stickers of coded messages on the wall. A trick that appeals to people prone to emotional turmoil. A second idea would be to give an atmosphere of a nightclub and an air disco on the wall by applying gel and silver glitter colorless. And why not hang a variety of frames to both multidimensional and multi-colored on the wall? Nothing like a baroque effect. The flashy colors are preferred in the realization of this idea. And ecologists, plant a piece can be hung on the wall or a vine would be ideal. Finally, for an effect somewhat messy, the stack of cardboard barrels custom brush stroke is the trick to put into practice.

Playing on the impressions or indulge in an impromptu reading

Add style to the wall, but also play on the trompe l'oeil. For example, to go crazy guests who invite themselves at home, there is no better than a wall decorated with stickers and lined with canvas for an optical insured and trendy decor. If it's more a feeling of luxury that is desired, the checkered leather resting on the headboard as 5-star hotel is also a wonderful idea. Moreover, these checkerboards have the opportunity to be repositioned. Another trick is to also make a radiator on a less coarse wall by painting it with a dark color, then drop across the sparrows nesting boxes made by hand. For small apartment, playing with the prospects of using sham stickers will be perfect to give a sense of expansion to the room and the wall. Finally, for fans of reading, it is also possible to improvise a library through a strip of single wallpaper.

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