Decor: choose the green!

Over the past decade, sustainable development has many echoes. For its part, the decor takes this concept very seriously and many people are seduced by the idea and the result. Moreover, the trends say no shortage of green: plants to cool the atmosphere, natural materials or accessories and furniture ethical or recycled. See how green can make your home pleasant.

Interior design: the natural tendency
To give a natural look to your home, choose colors in this direction, such as light colors reminiscent of nature. Green, taupe, beige and brown will respond in accordance with that request. As for the white, it will create a spacious effect on a small area or not very bright, especially since he got married with virtually any color. Also opt for a lime plaster that is perfectly suitable biodegradable materials and environmentally friendly. These substances have anti-microbial, which helps purify the air in your home.
Wood is probably unavoidable in deco green with the advantage of being a renewable resource absorbing CO2 during its growth. It helps to purify the atmosphere, but also provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation while stabilizing the humidity in your home. In your home, it comes in the form of flooring, paneling, storage boxes, furniture, decorative items or utensils. To minimize environmental impact, choose the species covered, in particular under the FSC.

Home Decor: Green and Stylish
For coatings, consider vegetable fibers. Then choose a tapestry of linen or burlap to the walls and floors, carpet in sea-grass, jute or coconut. You can also choose the lino that trend is back after a brief eclipse. In this case, be sure to choose a real linoleum designed from natural elements. Especially since all these materials easy to maintain and have anti-allergenic.
Land is also a natural choice and more importantly, stylish. It will bring warm colors and a rough look inside your home. It is in two forms it occurs most often, terracotta tiles or as coating. With this you can let your imagination find the forms and shapes that go with the whole. She speaks as easily as the above materials, in addition to providing interesting life.

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