Deco Tips develop cellar to win one more piece

You want to gain more space without moving? If your legislation allows, the layout of your basement is a solution to save you an extra room. So learn the steps needed to complete this project.

Sanitation, mandatory step for the development of the cellar
Sanitation is a necessary first step before any proposed development of the cellar. That task must begin with a phase of thorough cleaning. After dusting and cleaning the surface, remember to plug the holes and conceal some pipes. Then use products that can eliminate the rats and insects. To stop the moisture problem, it is necessary to make openings. Directed outward, the openings will promote the entry of air and the light of day. The installation of glass bricks on the walls of the cave you will also gain in brightness. Besides light, the cellar also requires better thermal insulation and soundproofing. You must choose your insulation to suit your objectives and area of your basement.

Other facilities necessary for the successful management of the cellar
After the insulation and clean, please proceed to the electrical layout of the cellar. The wiring in this room is not difficult, you simply follow the rules in force to prevent potential short circuits or other damage. If you have no experience for this task, it is better to entrust to professional electricians. You can create partitions if the room is large enough. By cons, if it is small, you simply need to just put an access door. Once these steps, you can proceed to create the desired ambience. This begins with the installation of coverings of floors and walls. You can choose between several models depending on the mood desired. The layout and interior design must be made according to the next room use.

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