Deco ideas based on spikes of barley

Barley is used to perform various ornaments. Designers primarily use the ear. Decoration based on barley gives a Zen touch to your home.

Natural decoration based on barley
Barley offers a natural and original interior. To change the perennial flowers you can pick the ears and put them in a vase. Then choose a bamboo vase whose color blends well with that of the ear. You can include them in a vase made of wood, without cause and in color. The transparent vases and stretched over the height may also be suitable for this rustic setting. In this case, choose a vase with a neck, so as to give a little more volume to create.

The bouquet of barley
With ears of barley, you can make a bouquet. To do this, you need long ears of barley and raffia to tie the plants. Take the corn. Cut them so they have the same length (25 cm minimum). Then, compile them and tie them with raffia fibers. Make sure the knot is a bit cowardly to give shape to the bouquet. Make a second knot in the spacing of the first. The knot should be about the same size and shape to add a little more effect. Make sure that the bouquet is not exposed to a stream of air.

The crown
The crown of ears of barley find its place in a dining room or kitchen. To achieve that crown, take a ring sized, raffia and ears of barley. Cut the ears to a length of 10-15 cm. With the fibers of raffia, tie a knot on the ring for hanging. Then do lots of three ears tied with raffia fiber. Place each batch gently on the crown, ensuring that the ears are all oriented in the same direction. Be careful to hide the empty spaces of the crown. Thus, we must make many batches to give volume to the book.

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