Create a mailbox: a child's play

Create the mailbox is not something complicated, just simply follow these tips.

Mailbox: standard sizes to meet
Before a masonry box with letters, it should first be aware of certain rules. For even whimsical, a mailbox must meet specific size imposed by the Post. On the one hand, the width of the slot in your mailbox must be at least 22 cm wide and 3 cm in height. As for the internal dimensions, it must have a height of 30 cm, as well, have a width of 30 cm and a depth of 40 cm. Finally, the Post Office requires that a mailbox is placed at a height between 80 and 150 cm above the ground level. Whenever possible, it is better to install your mailbox near the street in order to facilitate the widest possible distribution of letters by the postman.

Mailbox: the necessary equipment
In terms of hardware, you need a hand with an iron bar of 1.50 m long. Be sure that its end is flat since it will bear a flat object. You also need a mortar and glue assembly. Preferably, choose solid wood boards for the form, others for the coating can withstand moisture and bolts, and a welding station. Then of course the classic material of DIY as a saw, a tape measure and an electric drill. At first, using your position to weld, place a flat end at the metal bar, make sure to verify that the end is not misplaced. Then use your electric drill to make three holes the size of your bolts on the same end.

Mailbox: Steps for masonry
Pour foundations for 10 cm in a box made of wood and make sure that these exceed the dimensions of 10 cm from the base of the mailbox. Then, using a saw, cut your boards while taking care to follow the dimensions advertised. Glue each piece of wood together with glue mounting. After a pause, then attach the mailbox to the bolts, then paste the top of your box. Once your box is ready, take care of its installation on a masonry, such as a wall. So she can take, place the mortar on the support. Once the mortar is cured, then attach your subwoofer and make sure to correctly position your mailbox. Finally, remember to bring your finishing touches to your inbox by fixing the number of your house or apartment that you'll stick to using the adhesive mounting!

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