Cleaning your crystal chandelier

Your magnificent crystal chandelier needs a good cleaning session? You do not really know how to take care of these fragile decorative fixtures? Follow the guide.

Accessories and products for the maintenance of a crystal chandelier
The primary maintenance of a crystal chandelier requires cleaning. But no matter how! To help, here are some tips to pro. First, equip yourself with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. The alcohol will be diluted in water at a rate of one tablespoon per 1 liter of water. Three parts of distilled water to one part isopropyl alcohol, and you get another cleaner just as effective.

And if you do not find alcohol, use baking soda. Another preparation for including cleaning chandelier is a mixture of dishwashing liquid and hot water. This aqueous preparation may be replaced with soap and ammonia added to water. The choice is yours! A toothbrush or a brush can also be helpful. Finally, do not forget the feather duster and the stool.

Clean a crystal chandelier
First, cut the power to the fixture. From the top of the ladder, your first action will be to hunt for dust and other impurities with the duster. The chandelier will be cleaned using a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol solution. Soak the cloth and gently rub the liquid to clean the parts. Equivalent solution, the mixture of distilled water and alcohol can substitute rubbing alcohol. It will be applied in the same way. Wipe dry parts by using the soft cloth.

The chandeliers and pendants will be detached and soaked in the cleaner. To do this, you have the choice of mixing detergent and warm water or one with ammonia. In the first case, no need to rinse, just let it dry. In the second case, rinse before drying. The toothbrush you used to remove stubborn stains. A little advice before finishing, move progressively as the stool and make sure not to support the suspension.

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