Cleaning fabric sofas

For the fabric sofas as long as possible keep their beautiful color, a daily dusting and regular cleaning are necessary. Removable or not, here's how to clean your sofa fabric.

Regular cleaning of the sofa
Obviously, models with removable covers are easier to clean than non-removable. The type of cleaning of the latter depends on the type of tissue. Steam cleaning is ideal for cleaning a conventional fabric before using a proprietary stain remover according to the nature of the stain to remove. The spots marked bit of chocolate left by example can go in cold water, but in other cases it may take a mixture of water and rubbing alcohol or soapy water.

To facilitate the maintenance of your sofa fabric not removable, use a regular anti-stain and waterproofing. Otherwise, for all types of fabric sofas, a dusting vacuuming is done at least once a week. To do this, be sure to set the camera on a low power. You can also use a fag or a soft brush. The use of cloth is not recommended because it tends to spread even more dust.

Some precautions for cleaning fabric sofas
To determine if the fabric withstands the stain, do a little test on a hidden area. Before cleaning, be sure to protect the wood trusses or any other material: plastic, metal or other, lining the couch. Partial cleaning may create halos, as it is always best to clean it all. Otherwise, immediately clean the stain using a paper towel. Movements will be from outside to inside to prevent it spreading.

A stain will definitely starting spot, followed by a light rinse with water, with a cloth dampened with water squeezed out, and what if the bear fabric dyes the water. To start a coffee spot, lightly dampen a soap and rub the dirty part. The mixture of egg yolk and warm water is also effective, then rinse with clear warm water.

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