Caulk openings for energy saving

The best investment to be made in saving energy is a perfect insulation. With an insignificant cost, make a simple DIY to seal your house.

For the door
The air flow is essentially the bottom of the door. The most effective solution involves the installation of a baseboard extruded PVC or aluminum. A flap of rubber or a synthetic brush will follow the movements of the door. Unfortunately, it wears out and loses its effectiveness after a few years. Avoid this by asking a plinth "automatic" that the flap is raised at the opening. Trim the skirt to the desired width and screw directly into the wood of the door.

Deformation of wooden windows cause air passages whose characteristic is irregular in thickness. If you notice a slight trickle of air from the vertical or top of the door, put on the outer side, a profile of guidance provided in the kit. Get two sticks of PVC 200 centimeters and 100 centimeters. Trim-PVC and attach them on the outside edge of the door frame to remove any air passage.

For windows
Over a window solid and recent bill, the game is to fill a constant thickness. Joints synthetic adhesives adhere firmly to the joinery and thus provide an excellent seal without unnecessary costs. Choose the thickness profiles according to fill: a rubber gasket for a 1 to 4 millimeters, a round bead and a strip of foam for a deformation of 2 to 6 millimeters, a resilient seal in V for foul play January-June millimeters.

The profiles of caulking always arise on the fixed part of the window. First, degrease the area well fixing the joint - Use rubbing alcohol instead of acetone. Then, remove the tape as and when you apply the profile by pressing hard on the window frame. Better yet, you can put on the outside of the window, a frame gasket made of rigid PVC with a flexible portion resting against the woodwork. The profile is cut to size and fixed with stainless steel spikes. This seal has the advantage of also being waterproof.

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