Carpet indestructible: patterns on the ground hard

Want to give a touch of refinement and break the consistency of your soil, but the constraints on the use of carpet you slow down? Choose the layout of your soil by inlaying carpet designs, a solution indestructible and easy maintenance.

Indestructible carpet: what are the possibilities?
You have a wide choice of materials. Tiles, cement, marble, parquet and even plastic tiles can be used to decorate your floor with the pattern of your choice. With cement, you can dial strips with colored blocks. The marble and stone are ideal for combining luxury and simplicity. Technical prowess, gravel and cast in colored resin material is a lightweight and indestructible.

The PVC tiles offer a wide range of colors that you will succumb to all your fantasies. Moreover, they are offered at a reasonable price. The tile also remains the most common material for producing this type of work. The trend is in geometrical patterns (type mosaics, borders ...), but you are free in your designs and choice of patterns and colors to coordinate with the condition of your furniture. In short, the possibilities are endless.

How to make mosaic tiles?
An easy way to do: create a mosaic with tiles on your floor. Measure the surface beforehand that you will cover in order to determine the number of tiles needed. Then select the tiles and cut them into pieces. Carefully prepare your mosaic so that the spaces between the tile pieces are too big. With whole tiles, form part of your mosaic. Spread on the floor a layer of glue 3 to 5 millimeters with a trowel. Set tiles one at a time frame by tapping gently to make them adhere to the glue.

Meanwhile, place the plastic spacers to ensure the spacing of the tiles. Then place the tiles that adorn the middle of the nesting. Check horizontality as with a level. Once the glue is completely dry, all attached to the squeegee with cement until all spaces are filled. Then, get a damp sponge to remove traces of cement. Once dry, wipe your tiles with a dry cloth.

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